New Zealand Cricket (NZC) will be rolling out improvements to the PlayHQ platform for the coming 23-24 season. The improvements are based on significant feedback from the cricket community across Aotearoa, including clubs, schools and District Associations in the Northern Districts region.

NZC’s robust review of PlayHQ performance (including third-party advice) in the 22-23 season revealed fundamental issues which caused significant frustrations for users.

The third-party review highlighted a need for increased technical stability of the platform to be able to sync scores, as well as the general user experience of e-scoring and assessing readiness for the 2023-24 season. They made a number of recommendations which are being actioned and recommended that NZC remain with PlayHQ.

NZC have committed to improving the PlayHQ functionality and user experience and have committed to it as their number one business priority. There are some key things that our cricket community can expect this season:

  1. Platform Developments/Training
  2. Resourcing
  3. Communications

Platform Developments/Training

PlayHQ has a regular cycle for introducing new features and enhancements. Click here for a list of enhancements that are already in the platform. Based on feedback from user, NZC are focused on getting the following functionality on the platform before the start of the new season:

  • Addition of ball-by-ball scoring details
  • Making scoring on a second device effective
  • Ensuring all external scoreboard integrations are in place
  • Strengthening the stability of match synching and finalisation in the scoring portal

Extensive work has also been undertaken to further enhance the training materials and ensure there are opportunities for all relevant users to access this and any support they required. Improved resources and training sessions will be provided:

  • National virtual training sessions: click here for dates and registration.
  • Information on the NZC communications and training plans: click here

NZC's training will be supplemented by various in-person and online sessions provided by Northern Districts Cricket, detailed to be shared with schools, clubs and District Associations 3 August 2023. 


NZC have strengthened their team to ensure there is suitable support and training for all users across the country. The team will provide pre-season training and match day assistance to ensure everything possible is undertaken to have a successful season. NZC will also be investing in the Super User network that provides on-the-ground support for many of the users across the country. They have worked closely with Northern Districts and the other Major Associations to identify the key people to perform the Super User roles.


NZC will place further focus on communications leading up to and during this season. Various new channels will be used to make sure that everyone has access to all information they need.

We wish to thank all the players, scorers, umpires, officials, team managers, administrators, club committee members, mums, dads, brothers and sisters for your continued commitment to cricket in Northern Districts. We’re looking forward to a great season, supported by an improved PlayHQ experience.