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Please see below for a range of resources available to assist with cricket in the community.

COVID 19 & COVID Protection Framework (CPF)

Last updated 02 December 2021 

• The new framework guidelines highlights the need for people to take ‘Reasonable Steps’ to make sure that processes and procedures are in place to keep people safe. There are obviously uncontrollable elements to outdoor community sport and this is acknowledged with the use of the term ‘Reasonable Steps’.

• Gatherings only include those on the playing field. Scorers, coaches and spectators are identified as a separate gathering. Multiple gatherings can exist at a single set of grounds but each much have their own defined space

Please feel free to contact your local Competition Administration for further details;
Northland - Neal Parlane [email protected]
Counties Manukau – Louise Gavin [email protected]
Waikato – Keith Vincent [email protected]

Sport NZ Guidance

Sport NZ has published CPF guidance, which says that sport and recreation organisations will need to determine if their activity fits into the Events or Gatherings rules. For the majority of circumstances, it will be clear if something is an Event or Gathering, however, we are aware that there are some situations where it is not obvious.

As a general rule, most community sports and recreational activities under the CPF will be considered Gatherings rather than Events.

Sport NZ CPF Event Guidance

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